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FAQ's about Alpha Stim®

Is this TENS?

How does Alpha-Stim® work?

Is the Alpha-Stim® Safe?

Are there any side effects?

Why doesn’t my doctor know about this?

How often do I use it for anxiety, insomnia, depression or pain?

I have had depression for 20 years. Will I have to use the Alpha-Stim® every day for the rest of my life?

Sometimes when I use the Alpha-Stim® I feel a slight stinging sensation that makes me uncomfortable.

Would it hurt me if I use Alpha-Stim® longer than 20 minutes?

I get the best results if I use my Alpha-Stim® for one hour, three times a day, and at night when I go to bed. Am I using it too much?

When I use the ear clips, I sometimes get light headed or even dizzy. I don't like that feeling. Is it necessary to feel that in order to get benefit from the treatment?

While I have heard about and seen people get an immediate effect from treatment, I always feel better the next day after I use the Alpha-Stim®, and I need to use it for several hours at a time. I am not complaining, because it does work well for my anxiety, but why don't I get an immediate effect?

It says in the instruction manual not to use the Alpha-Stim® technology within three hours of going to bed. My friend uses hers when she goes to bed at night. She says it helps her sleep better, and she puts it on again if she wakes up too early in the morning and it helps her get back to sleep.

Do I use the earclips before or after I treat my pain?

After treatment for my back pain, I sometimes feel stiff. What can I do about that?

I have heard that it is a good idea to treat my surgical scars. How do I do that?

How long do the electrodes last? Mine aren't sticky any longer. Can I tape them to my body?

Can the Alpha-Stim® technology be used along with drugs my doctor has prescribed? Can it help reduce my need for pharmaceuticals?

Am I supposed to put the felts on top of the one's already attached to the new earclips or new probes?

What causes the metallic taste in my mouth or flashing lights when using CES or treating on or near the head?

Can you use probes on the head?

Can you use ear clips and probes or electrodes at the same time?

Can you use Alpha-Stim® technology with magnet therapy?

Can you use the Alpha-Stim® M for auricular therapy?

Does channel 2 have a 100 Hz setting in the Alpha-Stim® 100?

How long should it be before I would see results from…

What percentage of people get relief from anxiety, insomnia, depression or pain?

How long do the benefits last?

Would Alpha-Stim® technology help me in my sports training?

Can it help me feel my numb feet again?

I have a friend who wants to come off of his antidepressant drugs. Will Alpha-Stim® technology help with that?

I am planning on taking my Alpha-Stim® with me on a trip next week. Will the airport X-ray machines cause any damage? Should I check it in or carry it through the security? I am a little concerned about getting it damaged by the X-rays.

Why can't we use rechargeable batteries?

My best friend puts his Alpha-Stim® on his dog who is very nervous. Is that okay?

Depression Testimonials

Is it normal for my ears to turn red after I have used the earclips?