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The Insomnia Solution

Absolutely nothing relieves insomnia like the Alpha-Stim®. Inspired by recent advances in our understanding of biophysics, the Alpha-Stim®'s therapeutic abilities have been acclaimed by health care professionals and patients worldwide. Results gained from the Alpha-Stim have been repeatedly verified through more clinical studies than with any other device in its class.
Fortunately, you can start enjoying better sleep with the Alpha-Stim AID. Alpha-Stim uses Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES) to increase sleep time, reduce sleep disturbances, and improve overall sleep quality. Alpha-Stim technology is based on an exclusive patented waveform that’s the most researched and proven of its kind. The waveform passes between two electrodes that you clip on to your earlobes, sending a signal to your brain that helps to significantly reduce insomnia.
Alpha-Stim insomnia treatment safely modulates the brain’s electrochemical signals, bringing these signals back into balance with electrotherapy, so you can get more restful sleep while reducing symptoms from other related mood conditions such as anxiety and depression.




After only 5 Alpha-Stim insomnia treatments, US military service members with insomnia reported an increase of 43 minutes of sleep.
The number of subjects rating their quality of sleep as poor dropped from 60% at the beginning of the study to 5%.



Insomnia can be debilitating to sufferers, but Alpha-Stim® offers a drug free, non invasive treatment.

Alpha-Stim® technology is often the only thing needed to relieve insomnia. It is very easy to use, with the current applied by ear clip electrodes, and it won’t interfere with most other treatments.











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" I purchased my Alpha Stim last year. I had been suffering from fibromyalgia for over ten years and had tried all sorts of therapies and remedies, but with little effect. On starting to use the Alpha Stim the effects were almost immediate. The most powerful difference though was my sleep. Every morning I would wake-up feeling as though I had run a marathon, after starting to use the Alpha Stim, I woke feeling refreshed - such a difference! For me, the Alpha Stim has been worth every penny and I would not want to be without it."

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