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Alpha-Stim M

This Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) device relieves symptoms of Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression quickly and safely without requiring any form of medication

Get quick, sustainable relief from Chronic, Acute & Post-Traumatic pain. While also treating other conditions such as Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression



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 What Do Users Think?



"This device took away my feelings of depression almost instantly, which haven't reappeared. The anxiety is still there but not as regular and I went from using the device every day to occasionally. It really is a good piece of kit I couldn't be without it now."


                                                                                                             Daniel Ciriello

This machine was recommended after hypnotherapy for tension It helps me sleep and also relax, something I find very difficult to do. I use it as when necessary and would not be without it Highly recommended for those with any of above symptoms.


                                                                                                          Alan Cooper

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