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It says in the instruction manual not to use the Alpha-Stim® technology within three hours of going to bed. My friend uses hers when she goes to bed at night. She says it helps her sleep better, and she puts it on again if she wakes up too early in the morning and it helps her get back to sleep. Alpha-Stim® technology relaxes your body and focuses your mind.

Alpha-Stim® technology relaxes your body and focuses your mind. If you are going to bed thinking about a problem, the mental focus may actually keep you awake. That is why we do not recommend using it just before going to bed. However, some people can fall asleep with it on. It is like caffeine, some people can drink coffee, tea, or soft drinks just before going to bed, while others are doomed to staying awake all night if they have a sip of caffeine after 12:00 noon. If Alpha-Stim® technology does not keep you awake; it is okay to use it before going to bed.

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Alpha-Stim® M

An all new device, uniting pain relief and the treatment of a variety of psychological conditions. With a new user-friendly design, the Alpha-Stim M is our most comprehensive device yet.

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£649.00 GBP

Alpha-Stim® AID

The new device which specifically targets the treatment of a range of psychological conditions, to provide maximum relief.

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£499.00 GBP