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General Testimonials
 i use i have had the alpha sim m for 4 months now and use the earflaps every morning to help with anxiety. I find this really helps keep me calm. i have as been using the sticky pads for back pain and have found this very helpful too. i would highly recommend this model and the team who helped take me through how to use it and how best to use it for my individual needs.

Felicity, September 2015

 i use To be honest with you this device has been a godsend I hardly know where to begin. Last year my daughter missed so much college that the college tutor suggested she might like to reconsider another option for further education. When she did attend college she was exhausted, in pain and the brain fog was so bad she couldn't take anything in, revising was impossible. When she took the exams she simply had a mental block and and her grades reflected this. Reluctantly the college allowed her to redo the year and things have improved. The transformation came when she began using the Alpha- Stim. Her physical and mental well being has dramatically improved. In terms of college she has been getting A’s and A* in her coursework. For the first time she is able to revise and take in what she is revising. She has taken three exams and she felt she did well. This device has empowered her she doesn't have such low moods it gives her the support that she needs physically and mentally and allows her to lead as near a normal life as other people. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support this device has given us back our happy smiling daughter.

Rebecca, May 2014

 i use I was recommended the Alpha-Stim by a friend, who had experienced amazing results. It's early days, but I am definitely more relaxed than I was previously. An indication of this is that I have been grating my teeth in my sleep for many years, but when I have used the Alpha-Stim, this does not happen. I am looking forward to greater results with continued use.

Dawn, July 2013

 i use My experience of using the Alpha Stim M has been rewarding. I have used the Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation to find that I feel very calm & relaxed. I remember using the device before breakfast one morning & whist at work I felt that nothing could upset me, a definite feeling of calmness was obvious. I use periodically with the same results achievable in just 20 minute sessions. I have just purchased another machine to help my patients with!"quote-mark2" color="#000000" size="3" face="Times New Roman">

Jason Mansell - Isle of Wight Feet (Chiropodist & Shoe - Maker), May 2013

" I had been suffering with lower back pain for a few months. It was caused by a combination of factors including osteoarthritis of the spine, and just general wear and tear from regular bending and lifting. I carried out a self-diagnosis of lower lumbar pain – lumbar vertebrae and sacro-iliac. The pain was very extreme. And its severity made it a terrible nuisance. It was there almost all of the time and stopped me from doing even the simplest everyday things. It was difficult to bend down, pick things up and bending in any direction was very painful and very difficult. I also found it a challenge just getting up from the sofa.
Lower back pain is one of the commonest causes for absence from work. The Labour Force Survey from The Office of National Statistics published on 16th May this year looked at the number of days lost by the work force across the UK – and neck, back and upper limb pain accounted for 25% of all days lost per year. A total of 34.4 million working days are lost each year.
And it’s very common as you get older, as a result of wear and tear. It’s my age. People just accept that it’s part of getting old and take pain killers, but they’re not without side-effects. Pain killers that contain codeine can cause constipation and addiction. Anti-inflammatories can cause gastro-intestinal problems, so you have to be careful when you’re prescribing for older patients.
I had been taking pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets, which helped a little bit, but then I tried the Alpha-Stim®. The effects from this were quite something else. It got me through a very painful episode and I have been more or less pain free ever since.
The one thing that really impressed me was the speed at which it helped act on my pain and how effective it was. It meant that I could reduce my painkillers quite dramatically.
Convenience is another reason why I like using the Alpha-Stim®. I just clipped it to my belt and put the electrode on my back. I adjusted the time to an hour, 20mins or 10 mins, so there’s lots of flexibility to adjust the length of treatment session. You can go about your normal activities and no-one knows that you’re having treatment. It’s quite harmless. You can use it safely every day for months and that’s what’s attractive about the Alpha-Stim® – there’s no drugs, so there’s no side-effects, and no interaction with other medication that you might be taking. That’s the beauty of it. It’s safe to use and, more importantly, very effective.
The Alpha-Stim® can be used for all sorts of conditions like stress, addiction and insomnia. If it can control back pain, my goodness, what can it do for so many more conditions like these?
My neighbour had been suffering with extreme back pain, so I gave her the Alpha-Stim® to take away with her when she went on holiday in France. When she returned she said that she had got a lot of relief from it. She was very impressed and I haven’t seen it since!"

Dr. Chris Steele, Resident Doctor on ITV's This Morning

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Alpha-Stim® M

An all new device, uniting pain relief and the treatment of a variety of psychological conditions. With a new user-friendly design, the Alpha-Stim M is our most comprehensive device yet.

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Alpha-Stim® AID

The new device which specifically targets the treatment of a range of psychological conditions, to provide maximum relief.

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