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Anxiety Testimonials
 i use I used this for my mum who had dementia for anxiety and distress and I found it the only non invasive non drug treatment that worked. She was used to wearing clip-on earrings all her life so it was no issue having her wear it every day. It made her calmer relaxed and peaceful and I did not find it induced sleep nor did it stop her sleeping when using in the evenings. It also made her more alert and just very relaxed less nervous I used on myself for relaxation. I fought to have our mum use this and for her it was invaluable with no side effects unlike what she had been subjected to it was the best thing I could find for her that was discreet easy to use and got results with no suffering for her I like to think it made her feel happier as it made her look less stressed

Sylvia Rushbrook, June 2017

 i use I bought Alpha Stim AID when I was going through a nasty bout of anxiety. Within days it had cleared up, giving me the space to address the route cause. I love how the anxiety just floats away without any side effects.

Sue Hunt, June 2017

 i use Used alpha stim for anxiety and ptsd. An hour in the morning coupled with exercise had a calming effect and reduced the intensity of my conditions. After a month or so reduced right down to 15 to 30 mins for maintenance which was due to some headaches.
You have to find your own balance with the machine but persevere as it does work. If you have time it is nice to have a power nap towards the end of the session it helps. Also use mindfulness meditation during treatment to relax and empty the mind. Going to try the other model for pain relief as I suffer with back knee and shoulder pain. All the antidepresents and diazapam have the same effects as this machine without a doubt and without all the dreaded side effects.

Matthew, June 2017

 i use Had the Alpha-Stim SCS for around 6 years now and am convinced it has lessened my anxiety problem. I no longer take prescribed medication and hope the improvement continues.

Andrew Spanner, June 2017

 i use Alpha-stim has been a fantastic addition to the practice in aiding the management of anxious patients. It offers everything a patient would wish for- it's simple, comfortable, safe and low cost but most importantly it's effective.
Every single patient who has used it once has wanted it to be used every time subsequently. That has given me great confidence in recommending it.
I like how it allows us to take control of the waiting period prior to an appointment. For many patients this can be a time of heightened anxiety, particularly if things aren't running on time. Alpha-stim means that we are managing the patients' fears right from the moment they enter the practice.

N Neeson, February 2017

 i use I definitely felt relaxed during the session, a little day dreamy even. The calm but alert feeling of my mellow mood continued for several hours. The weather was dreary all afternoon, yet I felt happier than in recent days.
I continued the trial at home and, after three days, noticed I was calmer and felt more upbeat. It's great to know there's an alternative to prescription drugs for SAD, and unrelated conditions, with no side-effects.

S Hamilton, February 2017

 i use i have had the alpha sim m for 4 months now and use the earflaps every morning to help with anxiety. I find this really helps keep me calm. i have as been using the sticky pads for back pain and have found this very helpful too. i would highly recommend this model and the team who helped take me through how to use it and how best to use it for my individual needs.

Felicity, September 2015

" I have been using your device for the last 2 weeks and would like to say how impressed I am with this device. I have felt a massive change in anxiety level to some days experiencing none at all. Its quite unbelievable to be honest."

T Grover, Sep 2014

" I tried my first session of alpha stim therapy along with acupuncture yesterday at an acupuncture clinic for insomnia & anxiety. I slept like a log all night last night & have no anxiety at all! Fantastic results. Totally recommend! "

J Watson, May 2014

" "I have suffered with Generalized Anxiety Disorder for the past 7 years and have tried many treatments during this time; several different talking treatments, SSRI antidepressants (including supratherapeutic doses) and beta blockers. I've had a fair response to some of these treatments, but unfortunately all medication has side effects. I bought the Alpha Stim AID and after 7 days of using once per day found my anxiety (and depression which often develops from GAD) to be greatly reduced. I've had no side effects at all apart from a mild headache which disappeared a few days in. This isn't going to completely cure your anxiety - but I wouldn't be without it! I now use my Alpha Stim Aid everyday along with my dose of Pregabalin (an anticonvulsant drug used for anxiety)." "

J Edwards, August 2013

" I find the Alpha-Stim to have helped my anxiety a lot and would recommend it to others. Also, the telephone line has been very helpful. "

Linda, July 2013

 i use I was recommended the Alpha-Stim by a friend, who had experienced amazing results. It's early days, but I am definitely more relaxed than I was previously. An indication of this is that I have been grating my teeth in my sleep for many years, but when I have used the Alpha-Stim, this does not happen. I am looking forward to greater results with continued use.

Dawn, July 2013

 i use My experience of using the Alpha Stim M has been rewarding. I have used the Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation to find that I feel very calm & relaxed. I remember using the device before breakfast one morning & whist at work I felt that nothing could upset me, a definite feeling of calmness was obvious. I use periodically with the same results achievable in just 20 minute sessions. I have just purchased another machine to help my patients with!"quote-mark2" color="#000000" size="3" face="Times New Roman">

Jason Mansell - Isle of Wight Feet (Chiropodist), May 2013

" I have been using my alpha Stim model for a couple of months and have noticed improvement on my insomnia once I use the ear clips I feel relaxed and have a good night sleep and anxiety levels come down a good deal I don't use it out of the house due to the size of the casing but if I did I know it would have a greater impact now I can stop the pill for these reasons very soothing and relaxes me when I am anxious "

N Peltier, May 2013

"I've been using the SCS model for over a year now to treat anxiety and depression. The results have been truly amazing. ."

Ian, May 2013

"As a sufferer of anxiety and tension headaches, I found the Alpha Stim particularly useful in the long term against the mental anxiety I experience, as well as helping me with headaches in the short term. Certainly, I feel more relaxed, happy and confident. Although I had no problem sleeping before using the Alpha Stim, it is also excellent at providing relaxation and inducing sleep, which has been particularly useful for me on days where I have perhaps exercised too close to bedtime or drank caffeine/sugar based products. The Alpha Stim is very easy to use and provides virtually no pain or discomfort."

Mark, March 2013

" I have been using the Alpha-Stim "M" for about 3 months now. From the very first treatment I have reaped the benefits as a sufferer of "Bi-Polar Disorder"...My condition has caused me years of anxiety which has resulted in intense nervous system and head pain...and extreme stress & tension... I have tried most available avenues to help with the pain and stress that I suffer with no avail... (reflexology...cranial osteopathy...acupuncture...and various prescribed medicines...etc...) and admittedly was apprehensive about trying a treatment which involved "Electric Current"...??? After my Mum had seen an article in a News Journal describing the Alpha-Stim and its success... I found myself in a position where I had nothing to lose and decided to purchase a "Machine" as a Final Last Resort in an effort to combat my seriously debilitating symptoms of the 22 and a half years as a sufferer with "Bi-Polar" and it’s extremely anxiety related "World"..... I am so pleased that my mother saw the article in the Newspaper as this "Machine" is without doubt the best & most successful aid that I have found in combating my condition...I still suffer a small amount of pain... Yet nothing like I was suffering before I started the Treatment...In all honesty I feel that I have been given a New Start in life....A New lease of life...and although the Machine may be seemingly expensive... Good Health can come at no cost I'm sure you'd agree.... My Illness has serious "Mood" implications...."Up's and Down's".... Since using the Alpha-Stim my "Mood" has been very...very...Good with little "Low's" at all... I put this down to the release of the Natural Chemical's which the Machine stimulates and this was Manifest from the very first treatment... I know of Friends & certain Family members who suffer with various ailments...Depression...Anxiety...Insomnia...and I am so confident that this Machine can help them too that I am willing to let them trial the Machine for a week or two as I am finding myself to be at a stable and much more acceptable stage of Good Health than I have Enjoyed for a seriously long Time...!!! I believe that I have "Found a Friend for Life...!!!    "

C Jones, February 2013

"I purchased the Alpha Stim M to treat anxiety, OCD and depression that I have experienced since childhood. Within a few days of using the Alpha Stim M, I experienced a significant reduction in anxiety and felt a sense of calm that was better than I had ever experienced from taking prescription medications such as antidepressants and tranquilisers. The positive results encouraged me to continue using the Alpha Stim. Initially I used the machine several times a day but gradually I have been able to increase the period between treatment sessions and still maintain the results of lower levels of anxiety and depression. As a bonus, my back pain and sciatica symptoms have also improved. I found the Microcurrent website to be informative and my order was handled very efficiently. "

Simon, February 2013

"ALPHA STIM ROCKS! I have been religiously using it every morning and the cumulative benefits are now very evident! My anxiety is almost gone, it does resurface every now and then, but overall I feel much calmer and happier! It's also helped me realise that I finally need to change careers, so am finishing my job in six weeks and having a 5 week break in sunny California. Am thinking through my options and may become a student again, feels very exciting! So, I just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you've done for me and for introducing me to the wonderful AS, it really has changed my life. "
" The AS 100 arrived very promptly yesterday afternoon. I had my first session using the ear clips today and instantly felt some positive results of calm and relaxation, albeit very mild, so I'm quite encouraged. And it's so nice to know that the kind of support you offer is only a phone call away. I'm very impressed with your customer support, I can see that you're interested in more than just selling the machines and that makes a real difference to the people using them.
I would just like to inform you how invaluable I am finding the Alpha-Stim®. I have been using it be cause of alcohol addiction and depression with the associated problems that go with them i.e. anxiety and insomnia. I am actually doing things without thinking about them for example I have joined SAAS which is an alcohol association who deal with recovery both during and after recovery. They had a grant so they provide activities which are essential in my recovery. I took early retirement after 38 years working at the social security.
Today I have not had a drink for six weeks and I have been out walking my dog for two hours. Now I am about to go to town to meet my mum for coffee. My sleep has improved also just when I felt like giving up and I was developing agoraphobia. I saw your article and thought I had tried useless gimmicks before but I would give this a go and it is the best thing I have ever done. It is about time the hospitals and doctors provided this treatment but without being to political the government are way behind in the treatment of addicts. Once again thank you so much. "

Helen, Nov 2011

" have suffered from depression and background anxiety for years but have refused medication for anxiety - I was willing to try anything to get back to normal. I came across the article in the Telegraph about the Alpha Stim machine and bought one. I have been using it for 3 months. After the first 2 weeks I felt better than I had for a long time; after a month the improvement was phenomenal. My wife suffers from anxiety on waking - it lasts for only a minute or so but she too has found that when she uses the machine she wakes up free from anxiety, I have already recommended Alpha Stim to a friend of mine - I was cynical at first but not now - it works!. "

Mr D Tomlinson November 2011

" I wanted to tell you that I ran a training course with my largest group of students to date on Monday and Tuesday this week and not only did I not have a moment of hesitation or nerves or anxiety but I had the best time doing it and really feel back to my old self!! I can't believe that just a few months ago I was freaking out at just having to teach someone on a one to one basis, it is really wonderful to feel so confident and happy again and I have Alpha-Stim® to thank for this! "

Deborah Graham June 2011

" I have been using the device for several weeks and definitely feel calmer, plus I am sleeping so well! I have been using it for 20 mins at setting 3 and am no longer getting headaches. "

DM April 2011

" I have been using the Alpha Stim for a few weeks now and have definitely found that my mood has benefitted and that my anxiety has lessened. I was originally introduced to the Alpha Stim because it was loaned to me by my acupuncture therapist, who was treating me for fatigue problems. In a short while I was able to see that my anxiety was reduced and that my mood was more resilient. I would definitely recommend this machine for individuals who would like to find ways to help with anxiety and depression that are not just focussed on using medication alone to help with anxiety and depression. I use the machine for an hour in the morning, and for twenty minutes at tea time, and I find it stabilises and lifts my mood. I also receive regular Reiki treatment, and follow an online cognitive behavioural therapy course. I believe that the Alpha Stim has definitely given me more energy and positivity to face my day, and has also put me more in control of how I will resolve the longer term impact of anxiety and low mood and am happy to recommend this product. "

DB April 2011

" After three weeks use, I have slept well each night, still remain calmer with less anxiety, and that dreadful feeling when lying down in bed of becoming suddenly wide awake, seems to have been banished. "

M Robson March 2011

" The first time I used it was the most obvious – I felt at around the half hour point that my involuntary stress response just melted away. I’ve felt generally more calm and positive since using it. "

J Morrell January 2011

" The Alpha-Stim SCS devise has played it's part with counselling in helping me return to work. My counsellor noticed the difference when I started to use the ear-clips. She said I was better able to discuss things without getting upset. Now at work if I find I'm getting anxious I put on the ear-clips and I feel fine. "

KM 11 November 2010

" After 5 weeks my anxiety attacks are 99% gone. I still use my Alpha Stim, whenever I want to relax, and feel good. GREAT PRODUCT, THANKS A MILLION "

Mrs Margaret Shephard, Ireland November 2010

" Highly addictive and effortlessly easy the Alpha Stim is the answer to total relaxation that all of us have been searching for. It's so comforting to sit back and feel all anxiety slip away. "

Hannah, 28, London June 2010

" I am a retired GP and hence am generally somewhat sceptical regarding new treatments. However my wife was very depressed and her sleeping pattern has been seriously disturbed for as long as I can remember. I myself have been depressed for about four years and suffer back pain. I did not hope for too much, but read the reports about the evidence for the machine, and thought it worth a try. The very first night that my wife used the alphastim she slept all night, and she did not have another disturbed night for two weeks. Normally I reckon that it takes a week or so of use to get the benefit. Later, her depression lifted significantly. Additionally she uses the alphastim to successfully abort panic attacks. My eldest daughter coincidentally became severely depressed; a recurrence of previous illness. We immediately donated her our machine, and purchased a second one. It was so beneficial that I can honestly say that I have never seen her so happy since she was ten years old (she is now in her later 30’s). Her husband found the battery running down and rushed out to buy more. We have all had scabs on our ears due to overuse, but otherwise there are no problems. I would recommend the device to anyone with these sorts of problems or stress. Indeed, I have now purchased a third machine, donating it to a friend who is seriously ill and overwrought. I initially purchased the device from a different source, but for all of my recent purchases have used the microcurrent site. Their products are a little cheaper than elsewhere, but more importantly the items have invariably arrived the next day, and the staff have been very pleasant to deal with and most helpful. "

Mark Rumble October 2010

" I routinely use Alpha-Stim® with my clients .The effects can be produced and monitored after a single treatment, and repeated treatments have been shown to increase the relative strength and duration of these effects. The effects have been stable and permanent, suggesting that the electrical and chemical changes evoked by Alpha-Stim® have led to a durable re-tuning back to normal function. "

Dr Lesley Parkinson Psychologist, London June 2010

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Alpha-Stim® M

An all new device, uniting pain relief and the treatment of a variety of psychological conditions. With a new user-friendly design, the Alpha-Stim M is our most comprehensive device yet.

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