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Depression Testimonials
"  This device took away my feelings of depression almost instantly, which haven't reappeared. The anxiety is still there but not as regular and I went from using the device every day to occasionally. It really is a good piece of kit I couldn't be without it now. I only use the lowest setting at 20mins a time, and start to feel more relaxed after about 10. It can give me a headache, and feel like my brain is vibrating if use it for too long. I would highly recommend to everyone."

Daniel Ciriello, June 2017

"  I have seen a huge improvement in my depression and using my Alpha-Stim has become an important part of my day."

S Newton, June 2017

"  I have been using my alpha stim for over 2 years and still find it invaluable. I bought it because I had low mood, which lifted almost immediately. It has also helped with much more. My sleep is better and after having an operation on my knee, the alpha stim helped with pain relief and I think healing. "

Jacqueline Quinn, June 2017

"  I suffer from periodic depression; this year, after a period of overwork, I had a very severe bout for over three months where I couldn’t sleep at all, had terrifying intrusive thoughts including suicide ideation and lost my appetite. I had to take sleeping tablets for the first time and was terrified of coming off them; the doctor said they could only prescribe for four weeks maximum, which was the correct decision.
I had read about the Alpha Stim in my work research (I am a freelance book indexer) and felt I had to give it a go, on top of my regular meditation and yoga practice. The first day I used for twenty minutes and felt a little relief the next day - after speaking to Richard I decided to try for an hour on a medium current. The very same week, I felt my natural sleep return and with it a massive drop in my anxiety levels. I stopped all my sleeping medication. I have been using it this way for around three months and I feel, on the whole, absolutely fine. I have recommended it to an anxiety support group that I belong to and cannot praise the machine highly enough. It is like a very safe version of home use ECT, without the side-effects. I felt it preserved my sanity! "

Avril, October 2014

"  This machine has saved my life. Sounds dramatic I know, but true. After years of anti-depressants, counselling and a fortune spent on alternative therapies I was desperately searching the net for help. I came upon the Alpha-Stim quite by accident, had never heard of it and only decided to 'give it a go' because I knew that I could return it if it didn't work, or pay monthly if it did. I have never had my brainwaves tested so it was a new angle for me to try. Wow, it's the best decision I have ever made. I felt instantly chilled out and brighter, as though my brain had been re-booted. My depression has lifted more and more each day and I feel able to cope with all the other problems life throws at us all. May I add that my depression was severe and I was thinking about suicide but now I can't wait to start the day and I am slowly coming off anti-depressants after 20 years. I had a strange sensation that I couldn't define at first and then I realized what it was.....happiness. "

Chris, September 2014

 i use     To be honest with you this device has been a godsend I hardly know where to begin. Last year my daughter missed so much college that the college tutor suggested she might like to reconsider another option for further education. When she did attend college she was exhausted, in pain and the brain fog was so bad she couldn't take anything in, revising was impossible. When she took the exams she simply had a mental block and and her grades reflected this. Reluctantly the college allowed her to redo the year and things have improved. The transformation came when she began using the Alpha- Stim. Her physical and mental well being has dramatically improved. In terms of college she has been getting A’s and A* in her coursework. For the first time she is able to revise and take in what she is revising. She has taken three exams and she felt she did well. This device has empowered her she doesn't have such low moods it gives her the support that she needs physically and mentally and allows her to lead as near a normal life as other people. I cannot thank you enough for all your help and support this device has given us back our happy smiling daughter.

Rebecca, May 2014

" It has even helped with the depression I was experiencing, due to my condition. It has these ear-clips, that are very easy to use as is the rest of the Alpha-Stim. I have also gone from averaging 2.5 hrs of sleep a night, to about 5.5 hrs. That might not sound like a lot to you, but for me it’s sheer delight! "

Paulina S, March 2013

" I have had depression for a number of years & alternative or general medicine didn't appear to work for me so somewhat sceptical after research I decided to try Alpha Stim- hoping it wouldn't be yet another waste of money,it took a few weeks to see results & to get it at the right level for me -(with help & regular reviews from Steve at Alpha Stim) eventually I started seeing results-subtle at first with the occasional good day but eventually I started having more good days & although I still get an off day-it's not that often & there is usually a valid reason for it rather than caused by depression."

Nov 2013

"I've been using the SCS model for over a year now to treat anxiety and depression. The results have been truly amazing. ."

Ian, May 2013

"I had a difficult childhood with an early bereavement and was probably anxious by nature. I've read various researchers who have pointed out that the death of a parent at an early age can result in depression in adulthood, and that has certainly been the case for me. I have been successful in finding support but my experience has been that talking therapies have been of limited help. I have developed a strong intellectual understanding of grief, but have felt limited relief. The alternative has been anti depressants, which for me are not a long-term choice.


I discovered Alpha Stim by accident. I have a subscription to Psychology Today and saw an advert for the product there. I was well aware of the beneficial effects of alpha waves, having done meditation and yoga courses and so the device really appealed to me. I will admit though that I was sceptical and did not expect a significant impact or improvement in my overall anxiety and tendency towards low moods. If I am really honest I think I felt that my low level depression and joylessness would be how life would be for me. I had accepted this state.


I was truly surprised at the way I felt after just one treatment. I felt brighter and had a better outlook. After a week I was sleeping better and had more energy. I was enjoying life more and felt more in tune with things around me. A degree of curiosity about life arose again, and I felt more creative for the first time in literally decades. I would not be without this device and think that it is a wonderful thing and only wish that the NHS, general practitioners and counsellors were aware of it. Some people may think that Alpha Stim is expensive, but I disagree. Consider the cost of merely existing and living a strange half life where positive experiences such as the appreciation of flowers, friendship or music rarely, if ever, occur. Postiive feelings such as contentment or joy are not felt. Look at the cost of counselling and prescriptions. Consider the number of people with anxiety and depression who self-medicate with cigarettes and alcohol. By comparison, Alpha Stim is very cost-effective and personally I believe it is the best £400 pounds I ever spent. "

Sheelagh, Feb 2013

" I purchased the Alpha Stim M to treat anxiety, OCD and depression that I have experienced since childhood. Within a few days of using the Alpha Stim M, I experienced a significant reduction in anxiety and felt a sense of calm that was better than I had ever experienced from taking prescription medications such as antidepressants and tranquilisers. The positive results encouraged me to continue using the Alpha Stim. Initially I used the machine several times a day but gradually I have been able to increase the period between treatment sessions and still maintain the results of lower levels of anxiety and depression. As a bonus, my back pain and sciatica symptoms have also improved. I found the Microcurrent website to be informative and my order was handled very efficiently. "

Simon, February 2013

"The first time I used it was the most obvious – I felt at around the half hour point that my involuntary stress response just melted away. I’ve felt generally more calm and positive since using it. "

J Morrell January 2011

" To take the 'edge' off depression and helps with negative thinking. It is very subtle though. I am hoping for further improvements when I have used it for longer. J Meredith November 2011 I have suffered from depression and background anxiety for years but have refused medication for anxiety - I was willing to try anything to get back to normal. I came across the article in the Telegraph about the Alpha Stim machine and bought one. I have been using it for 3 months. After the first 2 weeks I felt better than I had for a long time; after a month the improvement was phenomenal. My wife suffers from anxiety on waking - it lasts for only a minute or so but she too has found that when she uses the machine she wakes up free from anxiety, I have already recommended Alpha Stim to a friend of mine - I was cynical at first but not now - it works!. "

Mr D Tomlinson November 2011

" I purchased the Alpha-Stim in 2010 and by the end of January I was feeling SO much better. Am still feeling better but keep using it while I start the weaning-off process of taking my anti-depressants. "

JD April 2011

" I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Alpha Stim 100. I really can't believe that it's effects were so rapid. One comes to expect cycles of depression with FMS however because I used the machine whilst on the downward spiral the effects were very noticeable. I felt much better within 2 days and by the end of the week I was as bright as a button. My back had been playing up quite a lot too, so I used the probes and it eased quite a lot. After a few days of treatment the pain was completely gone and this after months of suffering practically non stop! I left off the treatment and a couple of weeks later my back started to ache again, so out came the alpha stim. One treatment got rid of the pain but this time I kept using the machine for a while. I didn't think there'd ever be anything that would bring this sort of relief and I'm so grateful, so thanks again. "

Patricia Phillipps March 2011

" I am a retired GP and hence am generally somewhat sceptical regarding new treatments. However my wife was very depressed and her sleeping pattern has been seriously disturbed for as long as I can remember. I myself have been depressed for about four years and suffer back pain. I did not hope for too much, but read the reports about the evidence for the machine, and thought it worth a try. The very first night that my wife used the alphastim she slept all night, and she did not have another disturbed night for two weeks. Normally I reckon that it takes a week or so of use to get the benefit. Later, her depression lifted significantly. Additionally she uses the alphastim to successfully abort panic attacks. My eldest daughter coincidentally became severely depressed; a recurrence of previous illness. We immediately donated her our machine, and purchased a second one. It was so beneficial that I can honestly say that I have never seen her so happy since she was ten years old (she is now in her later 30’s). Her husband found the battery running down and rushed out to buy more. We have all had scabs on our ears due to overuse, but otherwise there are no problems. I would recommend the device to anyone with these sorts of problems or stress. Indeed, I have now purchased a third machine, donating it to a friend who is seriously ill and overwrought. I initially purchased the device from a different source, but for all of my recent purchases have used the microcurrent site. Their products are a little cheaper than elsewhere, but more importantly the items have invariably arrived the next day, and the staff have been very pleasant to deal with and most helpful. "

Mark Rumble October 2010

" I read an article in the Telegraph about Alpha-Stim, and thought it might help a friend who'd been suffering from depression. However, I decided to try it on myself first to convince him it was harmless. I'm not very practical, and when the Alpha-Stim arrived through the post I struggled to insert the battery (it took me a while to realise you didn't have to ransack the house to find a tiny philips screwdriver, you could open the battery compartment by sliding . . ) and when I finally plugged myself in I was in a frazzled state. I couldn't feel anything at all and wondered if I'd switched it on properly. However, the numbers on the display were going down so I thought I probably had. After all, I didn't especially regard myself as depressed, so maybe I wouldn't feel any difference? I read a book, and presently dozed off. When I woke up about an hour later, I felt fabulous. I could hardly believe it. It was as if I'd been bearing a heavy load for a long time without realising it, and it had been lifted from me. I went into the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror, and thought I looked different, as if I'd been botoxed - the tiny lines of strain had melted away. That night, despite my daytime nap, I slept a proper deep sleep and woke up relaxed and alert. I've used it a lot since then (I bought another one for the friend I'd originally been recommending it to). I have to admit, it's never been quite as wonderful as the first time, but it consistently makes me sleep better, and is a great help in those moods when angry thoughts go round and round repetitively - it seems to cut through it all and give me serenity and a sense of perspective. My husband says it has taken 10 years off my age! Best wishes "

Joanna Lane October 2010

" I do feel alpha-Stim has helped me feel more relaxed and less depressed. I feel more able to deeply relax when using it. "

Ms Shearer, Nov 2010

" This product has turned my life around! This time last year, I was severely depressed to the point where I was on the maximum dose of anti-depressants and was in therapy. My sleeping was disturbed, I had terrible mood swings...would cry almost all the time and my social life was non-existant. After using the Alpha-Stim SCS since the summer of last year, I am pleased to say that my life is back on track. I have been taken off the anti-depressants by my GP (which took some time but I've done it!), and my counsellor is amazed at my turn around. It's strange to describe but I feel more calm and balanced and not fazed by life; in a sense I'm pretty much back to normal. Would definatley recommend this product to anyone who has had anxiety issues, depression, insomnia or stress! It's honestly changed my and my familys life. Thank you so much! "

Joanne, London Feb 2010

" Before using Alpha Stim SCS it seemed like my life was in clouds; my social interactions were dull and memory was poor. I was always tired and almost always in a bad mood. But now everything has changed not only did all of the above improve significantly but it seemed like all qualities of my mind have amplified!" "

A Rifal Feb 2010

" I have had depression and anxiety for 15 years. I've never been able to use medication as I tend to have a negative reaction. I've been using Alpha Stim for 9 weeks now. My mood has definitely improved, the change has been subtle but significant when I think back to how I was a few months ago. My husband often comments on how I have changed. I now laugh more, I am more relaxed and my relationship with my husband is much better. That’s not to say I don't ever get down now, which I do, but now I can accept this, have a cry and I quickly pick myself up again after a short while, whereas before I used to sink into a pit of despair and it would take me days or weeks to pull myself together. I'm hoping with continued use I might see yet more improvement. When I was in my mid thirties and going through a divorce, I was told that I had dysthymia, or chronic low-grade depression. I went to counselling and started taking Paxil. Next I sought out complementary medicine and began Reiki, aromatherapy, Bach Flower remedies in conjunction with medication. Over the course of the next ten years, I switched medications and doses, tried acupuncture and reflexology, and told I was bipolar 3. All of the medications I tried were somewhat effective, but not completely. I still never felt quite "normal". About five years ago, I was at an alternative medicine show in Canada and tried the Alpha-Stim SCS. I immediately felt the effects and it was wonderful. I looked into buying the device, but at that time it was not really in my budget, although when I look back and calculate how much I was spending on medication and other therapies, it really was. Finally, at the age of 45, I purchased the Alpha-Stim and I am finally, for the first time in my life, feeling consistently normal. I am sleeping better, thinking more clearly, and making better decisions. Ironically, despite having depression (or whatever) all of my life, I have always been a basically optimistic person and have been a "high functioning" depressive. It was through my attitude and determination that my life has always appeared basically normal to others. But it was not. Now that I have been using the Alpha-Stim SCS, I finally feel the way I think I should. If you suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia or something related to them, I highly recommend investing in yourself and buying the Alpha-Stim SCS. Jenny, Southampton Feb 2009 "

Jenny, Southampton Feb 2009

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