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Fibromyalgia Testimonials

 I purchased my Alpha Stim in July ( I think) last year. I had been suffering from fibromyalgia for over ten years and had tried all sorts of therapies and remedies, but with little effect. On starting to use the Alpha Stim the effects were almost immediate. Before using it, I couldn't walk the short distance from home to Richmond, but would need to take the bus home. Within two weeks of use, I walked to Twickenham and back, it seemed almost like a miracle.

Perhaps the most powerful difference though was my sleep. Every morning I would wake-up feeling as though I had run a marathon, after starting to use the Alpha Stim, I woke feeling refreshed - such a difference! Using it has also reduced the aches and pains I constantly suffered. I am now retired and living in Winchester where I can enjoy walking around the countryside with an energy I had not had for years. For me, the Alpha Stim has been worth every penny and I would not want to be without it. "

Chris Scott, June 2017


 I have been searching for years for anything to help ease my pain from fibromyalgia. I have tried tens machines, supplements and medication. None of these worked combating all my symptoms from pain, anxiety and depression. After conducting my own research I purchased the alpha stim m and I can honestly say that this device should be used across the NHS as it has helped me tremendously. The sticky patchs and probes help ease the body pain and the ear clips with the anxiety and depression, a major benefit is the help the device has given me in obtaining a regular normal sleep pattern!! Thank you alpha stim please keep helping people carry on fighting. "

Anthony Small, June 2017


 I have been using the Alpha Stim for nearly 6 years now. I have used it virtually every morning and it has transformed my sleep patterns. It has also alleviated a lot of my night time pain and aching. There have been times when I have used the Alpha Stim patches for back pain, especially sacroiliac joint pain. The Alpha Stim dulled the pain so that I could get to sleep on those occasions. I had a lot of help and support at the beginning with using my Alpha Stim which I was grateful for. If I go more than 2 days without using the machine I notice the difference. I like the way the clip treatment sends me off into a doze from which I awake quite refreshed. I would never want to be without my Alpha Stim so it travels everywhere with me. It has been by far the best thing I have used for my Fibromyalgia. "

Shirley Fuller, June 2017


I have Fibromyalgia and I have been using the Alpha-Stim M for cranial therapy everyday for the past 2 years. I can honestly say it is a life changer, it improves my mood and sleep and therefore helps with the fatigue and pain. I still get the odd mild flair up if I have over done things but my recovery is much quicker and I have not had a major flair up since I have been using it. I take it everywhere with me.


Caroline Brooks, June 2017


  My son bought my Alpha Stim about 4 yrs ago, I find this machine magical as it has helped me mentally and physically. I keep topping up every week or so! I've told my GP about it and he said he would give it some thought. I found helpful for fibromyalgia, it's not a cure but eases so much pain."

N Whittle, June 2017

" I’d just like to start off by saying that I have Fibromyalgia and nothing I’ve tried has offered me any relief for the pain throughout my body. I also have a disc problem, in my lower back, that when it flares up is pain I can’t even begin to describe.
My mother-in-law brought the Alpha- Stim to my attention and after reading the testimonials; I went ahead and purchased one. IT WORKS!
I cannot say that it’s made me pain free, but it has definitely relieved a lot of my pain. I know longer stay in bed, on bad days, crying. The painkillers from my doctors’ would have to leave me in an almost lethargic state to offer even the slightest relief. I was not able to complete the easiest tasks around the house. With the Alpha-Stim I have no such side effects. I am able to maintain a “normal” life."

Paulina S, March 2013

" I have had Fibromyalgia for 22 years, plus back problems for over 30 years, Depression and Anxiety. I have tried just about everything on the market over the years. The Alpha-Stim M is the only product, that has helped with everything. I would recommend it to anybody with Fibro or any other pain conditions, Depression or Anxiety. It has been a God send. If you think it is too expensive try renting it. You won't regret it."

Laura Baldwin, October 2013

"I have been using my Alpha Stim M for about 60 days now. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 6 years ago and have suffered much pain in my limbs and back since. I have tried many different types of medication, and TENS without any major benefit. I belong to a support group and read an article about Alpha Stim in The Fibromyalgia Magazine, so decided to give it a try given that it was sold with a money back guarantee. I found that after a few days of use the quality of my sleep improved. After about 60 days I found that I could reduce the medication I was on to about a third. The pain is significantly improved. I would suggest that others try it to see if it helps them as it has helped me."

A Miles, July 2013

" I am 17 years old and I have fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome and I am searching for any non-medicating treatment that will help me manage these conditions. I was bought the alpha-stim about 3 months ago, following a consultation with a therapist who showed me how to use it to get the best results, and have used it daily ever since. There is no doubt that it works for pain relief, I have found the easiest and most effective way to use it is with the stick-on electrodes. It gives instant relief which has had an accumulative effect, not only on my fibro muscle pain but also on my dad’s frozen shoulder. I also use the ear clips daily for an hour on waking, although this has taken longer to show results I do believe it is now also helping to lighten my moods, and I will persevere for as long as it takes to see continued improvement. I will continue to use it every day to help improve my mood and sleep, as I feel that there will be a continued improvement of my condition. I am finding that I need it less and less for muscle pain relief, but I am reassured that it is there if I need it. I think one of the main things to be aware of when using an Alpha-Stim is to be compliant and persistent and not to give up if you don't see results at first. "

R Mole, June 2013

"I have been using Alphastim M for 3 months now for Fibromyalgia, I can honestly say I am shocked at how well I feel in myself my insomnia has improved dramatically I am so pleased to say I sleep well most nights! my general mood is good I no longer suffer with anxiety/depression and am now thinking about returning to work after over a year at home ! I am so glad I found this product and would not be without it now I no longer take pain killers I was taking up to 8 Tramadol at my worst so this is truly amazing thank you Alpha-stim I am getting my life back, I only wish I had found it sooner !"

Tracey May 2013

"I cannot believe what a difference the (Alpha-Stim) device has made. Like Linda, I have Fibromyaglia but also Lupus so not a great combination. I have now been using the Alpha-Stim for si weeks and am feeling so much better. I still have difficulty falling asleep but the average time it takes me to go to sleep has dropped from 100 minutes to 75 and although I still wake up 4-5 hours later I go back to sleep more or less straight away rather than spending an hour or two thrashing around trying to go back to sleep. So now instead of waking up and feeling exhausted I wake up after 8-9 hours sleep feeling refreshed and alert for the first time more years than I care remember"

Jennifer January 2013

"I have been using Alpha-Stim 100 for my fibromyalgia that I have had for 6 years now. I have found the Alpha-Stim extremely effective so THANK YOU!. I have the most amazing nights sleep!"

Maria Crompton August 2012

"I purchased the Alpha-Stim SCS from you some weeks ago and I wanted to let you know that I was so impressed with the results (the pain has gone after 5 weeks!) that I have done a piece in my local newspaper, Perth Advertiser, and am currently working with MPs to see about getting this device available on the NHS."dddddddd

Avril Watson June 2012

"I decided to buy the Alpha-Stim 100 in August 2011 to help with pain and to also help with the lack of sleep I sometimes suffer from and this foggy head feeling. I do feel it gives me more energy and a less foggy head, also the probes definitely helped with the pain in my shoulders and back. My pain has been reduced and I feel less stiff in the mornings from using the device. I still have some way to go but am hopeful that the Alpha-Stim® will help give me a better quality of life and help me do the majority of things I want to do. "

Elizabeth Cook September 2011

" I have experienced a great deal of improvement in my health from my Alpha-Stim 100 eg Sleep, pain and general feeling of well being, although I have needed to take things slowly due to problems with vertigo, Linda Horncastle has helped with advice on this subject and it has helped a great deal! "

Monica Devine August 2011

" I have recently had 3 weeks of radiation treatment and daily use of the 'alpha-stim' prevented me from suffering debilitating fatigue that I had experienced in the past. I really do use it every day as it helps greatly with Fibromyalgia "

Celia Evans April 2011

" Following a talk by Linda Horncastle about the Alpha Stim at our November meeting, and having a particularly bad time during January and February with very little sleep adding to the problems, we decided to make the trip to Linda’s Clinic in Buckinghamshire to have a trial of the Alpha Stim. I was still in some pain and discomfort by the time we arrived. As I had neck pain, Linda gave a demonstration using the Probes, and, even though I am the world’s worst (or is that best!) sceptic, I have to say that the pain disappeared after using the probes. Bliss!! After three weeks use, I was feeling much calmer, had more energy and my mind was a lot less foggy. I’ve mentioned the scepticism, so, at this stage I am still thinking it could just be the way it would have been anyway. However, I have slept well each night, still remained calmer with less anxiety, and that dreadful feeling when lying down in bed of becoming suddenly wide awake, seems to have been banished. That’s definitely a plus. I’m putting this down to the daily use of the ear clips. The sceptic in me is gradually being eroded. I don’t really care if others were to tell me it’s the placebo effect, I’ve not been like this with anything else I’ve tried, and, believe me, over the years, I’ve tried them all. Have a full cupboard to prove it!! "

Margaret Robson March 2011 Regional co-ordinator for Kent

" I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in July 2010 after many weeks of suffering with pain in my muscles all over my body. After being prescribed cocodimol and tramadol, and neither of them having any effect I decided to search the internet for more information. After a while I came across the alpha-stim®. Looking into it a bit more I decided to give it a try. By this time, I had started using tiger balm which was taking away a lot of the pain for a few hours, but depression started to get the better of me. I used the alpha-stim® for an hour each day as recommended on number 2 setting for around 3 weeks and by this time I was using much less tiger balm (approx once per day) at bed time. I have now had the alpha-stim® for 6 weeks and I a virtually pain free, the depression does keep kicking in, but I am only using it now on setting 3/4 for 20 mins. Each day, I have even got to the stage where I forget to use it. I now feel I have more control of my life, without having any side effects of drugs. I would recommend this to anyone with this condition, well worth the money." "

J Cunney-worth Age 65 years, Yorkshire

" 90% of my day was in bed- now 90% of the time I’m up and about! This time last year I had been reduced to spending 90% of my day in bed racked with the pain, fatigue and dizziness of Fibromyalgia. The year before that was the same. But this year has been different – I’ve spent 90% of my time in the last seven months up and about. So what has changed? Well, in June 2010, a friend sent me an article in a local paper featuring Linda Horncastle and how this device called the Alpha-Stim® machine had helped transform her life after suffering from the pain of Fibromyalgia for twenty years. Initially, I didn’t hold out much hope of it helping me as the usual doubts crept in: “surely everyone with this condition would be using one if it were really that good, my GP would have heard of it and be recommending it” and, “yet another claim to help which wouldn’t make any difference and set me back several hundred pounds,” I thought! But how wrong could I have been? After researching it thoroughly on the Internet I realized that it’s merely in its infancy in this country compared with, say, the States, yet electrical stimulation as a therapy has been around for years, is fully trialled and the techniques proven to work. I’m so glad now I didn’t let those niggling doubts stop me from buying one. Yes it isn’t cheap and seems slightly fiddly and inconvenient at times but, despite the ongoing costs of batteries and other accessories, it’s no more expensive in the long-term than any other physical treatment I have sought and Fibromyalgia symptoms themselves are far more inconvenient! Following some excellent help and advice from Linda initially, I found the Alpha-Stim 100 to be more effective than the many painkillers I had tried (which I have since been able to reduce) and, even better, has no nasty side-effects – in fact, it often leaves my mind more alert! Furthermore, it is small and portable so is always on hand for me to use whenever I need it, unlike other physical therapies I have received. It has taken time to learn how the machine can work best for me and even now, seven months on, I am sure I can get a lot more from it and improve my quality of life further. But I am so glad I persevered as it has given me, not only a substantial improvement in the quality of my life, but something we all need when confronted with what can be such a debilitating condition and that is, hope. ." "

Christine George January 2011

" Since using Alpha-Stim 100 I have reduced pain killing medication significantly. When my earclips stopped working, I noticed a significant increase in pain my hands, feet, knees, shoulders - in fact everywhere. Reduced Bupronorphine (controlled drug) from 1600mg to 600mg. "

June Poole December 2010

" After 4 weeks of using the Alpha-Stim® probes I noticed an improvement in the pain in my legs. Even my masseur commented that my calves, that usually feel like concrete, were less stiff. "

G.G November 2010

" I first read about the Alpha-Stim 100 in the Fibromyalgia ‘Family Magazine’ around June/July this year and at that time I had had a terrible, terrible time with Fibromyalgia problems. I contacted Linda Horncastle for further details on this device and she was very helpful both in email and over the phone and my Alpha-Stim 100 arrived in early August. My worst problems within the Fibromyalgia symptoms at that time were eye and head pain which often became bad migraines, worry/anxiety, depression and fatigue. The eye and head pain were worst they had ever been and I have suffered with this illness for around 10 years. I was taking lots more pain killers along with headache patches as well. The pain I was enduring was simply wearing me down and the fatigue was terrible. This then had the usual knock on effect onto anxiety and depression. After using the earclips for around a month I saw a difference in the pain in my eyes and head and one of worst issues, ‘anxiety’ had improved. I did also get some new glasses and started at the local gym with light exercise during this time and continued with chiropractic and massage appointments. I had had CBT for depression earlier in the year so I did have more positive thinking methods but I know the Alpha-Stim® has helped my progress, particularly with the symptoms I have listed above. I hope to progress more with the Alpha-Stim’s help and would recommend it to anyone who suffers similar symptoms to those I have made reference to in my letter. "

Tracey Adams November 2010

" I commenced using the Alpha Stim 100 when I attended the fibromyalgia conference at Bracklesham Bay near Southampton. I was surprised and pleased with the results in reducing pain and anxiety and often enabling me to sleep and more importantly experience dream sleep. "

CE Burdett May 2010

" At a recent conference for Fibromyalgia in South Downs Holiday Village, Bracklesham Bay, UK, I was completely taken in by a talk given by Linda Horncastle on the “Alpha-Stim®” Microcurrent Stimulator. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have been unable to work for the last four years. I run a support group in Drogheda, Ireland for Fibromyalgia. A group of us attended this wonderful conference run by Jeanne Hambleton and it was the best trip ever - as far as my pain is concerned. Having listened to Linda and heard the story of her life dealing with Fibromyalgia and how she found the Alpha-Stim® so wonderful – before she was finished delivering her talk, I knew I was not going home without one of these wonderful machines! I purchased the Alpha-Stim 100 and could not wait to get back home to try it out. What amazing results! My sleep improved from using the CES dramatically – to the extent that I now wake in the mornings feeling like I did actually sleep. For all the years, I would wake and feel as tired as I felt before going to bed – but this machine has changed my life. Not only did it improve my sleep, the Alpha-Stim 100 also has probes to self treat pain and that is what I call “Magic” I have tried so many medications for pain but I have to say that this machine is wonderful. When I have pain I can now treat myself with the probes that pass the Microcurrent through the painful areas – when and where I like – without the worry about the chemicals in prescription meds. Recently, my son Paddy had his four wisdom teeth removed and I thought my Alpha-Stim® is going to come in very useful here. It was a difficult time for him and one evening while trying to eat some dinner, he was unable to open his mouth very much, so out came the Alpha-Stim® and just a few minutes later he was able to tuck into his food! He was so amazed at what this machine had done. While he was taking all his prescription meds, they were only dulling the pain and not quite getting to the area, so with the Alpha-Stim® I was able to work around his face in the painful areas – and he got instant relief! Just magic! "

Marie Macken – Ireland May 2010

" I have lived with Fibromyalgia for 2 1/2 years. So be it, it lived with me and took the leading role and dicated how I lead my life. That was until 10 weeks ago and after a lot of 'uming' and 'arghing', I took it upon myself to buy an Alpha-Stim 100 which I had read about in the Family Magazine. "But why should this work?" I asked myself at the end of tether yet again!. I thought be the optimist and give it a go. Now, I dictate how I lead my life and that can only be down to the Alpha-Stim 100. FABULOUS "

J.B, Feb 2010

" I am a forty eight year old woman who has been in constant, chronic, demoralising pain for over ten years, mainly in my legs and knees. I was diagnosed about three years ago with Fibromyalgia. I have tried everything from medications as extreme as Morphine, numerous treatments including Acupuncture and Physiotherapy and have undergone keyhole surgery However, despite all my efforts and those of my extremely understanding Doctor, I have until recently been in so much pain that I have felt tearful and depressed most of the time, for the past couple of years. This has been exacerbated by the fact that I have been unable to sleep for more than a maximum of two hours a day for the past few years. This, combined with the pain has meant that I have had to give up a job that I loved and my health has deteriorated over the past few years to the extent that I have had to give up any social life, mainly staying indoors and only going out when necessary. However, about a month ago, my cousin showed me an article in a Woman's magazine about a device called Alpha Stim 100 which is based on Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation. I was sceptical at first but being desperate, decided to give the device a try. So I ordered it on the telephone that evening and the very next day it arrived by courier! It was compact and extremely easy to use. I tried it that night and was overjoyed to find that the pain began to ease immediately. I was amazed, as to be honest; I didn't have much faith in the device at first. I have had the device now for about a month and the pain is now at a level where life is much more rewarding. I am managing to get about six hours sleep per night which is of course making me feel better in myself. I am now starting to want to see friends again as I am not constantly in pain and permanently tired. Even the stiffness that was overwhelming in my ankles every morning has eased considerably. Whereas my life was a constant round of pain, fatigue and despair, I can honestly say that I would not now want to be without my Alpha Stim and have hope for the future. "

Nina, Feb 2010

" I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I noticed a difference in my energy levels and a reduction in pain! "

S Lee, Feb 2010

" At first I was very wary until I spoke to Linda Horncastle and she has given me really helpful information about how to get the most out of the product over xmas and new year 2009. I found the AS 100 great for facial pain and on the 6th January 2010 I had a fall and the AS 100 was used to calm the pain. I found this product safe and effective (more effective than anything else used before) for pain, anxiety, depression and sleep "

E.Hurren, Feb 2010

" The effect was instant – once the clips went on my headache evaporated and I felt a strength that I could not remember’. I had been gone for so long that Spencer came out to find me assuming that I had fallen over with my frame in fact he witnessed a Lazarus moment as he watched me walk up and down without any support. That night I had my first full sleep for years. Now I would not be without Alpha Stim, I use it for 2, 20 minute sessions a day; it has given me my life back and as importantly has improved the quality for my family too. My sons don’t need to worry about me anymore and Spencer has started a full time job. Now we’re preparing for the Christmas that I never thought was possible. "

Emma, Sept 2009

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