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Insomnia Testimonial
" I have had the Alpha Stim machine for many years now, It is the most WONDERFUL gadget. It has made my terrible insomnia a thing of the past. I wish every sufferer knew about it!"

C Cartwright, Aug 2016

" I tried my first session of alpha stim therapy along with acupuncture yesterday at an acupuncture clinic for insomnia & anxiety. I slept like a log all night last night & have no anxiety at all! Fantastic results. Totally recommend! "

J Watson, May 2014

" Absolutely Fantastic and effective, relieving my insomnia and cigarette addiction! Recommend this wonderful piece of machinery! "

D Chattwell, March 2014

" I am now able to live my life WITHOUT strong drugs! The first time for years - I now take paracetamol and ibuprofen as a "top-up" when necessary         WONDERFUL! "

J Holloway, September 2013

" I have been using my alpha Stim model for a couple of months and have noticed improvement on my insomnia once I use the ear clips I feel relaxed and have a good night sleep and anxiety levels come down a good deal I don't use it out of the house due to the size of the casing but if I did I know it would have a greater impact now I can stop the pill for these reasons very soothing and relaxes me when I am anxious "

N Peltier, May 2013

" I've always had problems going to sleep - The Alpha-Stim® doesn't help me go to sleep any quicker but once asleep helps me to stay asleep longer. "

T Harper Sept 2011

" Excellent product, has significantly improved my sleep, lessoned pain and improved my mental ability to cope with every day life. "

P Riley Sept 2011

" Did not notice real change in mood until used for 7-10 days and after gradually increasing the microcurrent up to 5 - 5 is now the level I use every other day or every other 2 days at level 5. I am very pleased with outcomes - for 1 hour each session "

Eric Hazzard Sept 2011

" After seeing the Microcurent Unit recommended on This Morning Television I was convinced to try it especially with a money back guarantee. I could not possibly have realised how good it would be. My Insomnia has almost been forgotten and the relief of pain is incredibly good. I cannot recommend it highly enough "

T Turner August 2011

" I have been using the device since August 2010 and can say that I have an 80% improvement in my ability to sleep, with 40% improvement in my anxiety states. In addition to this, there is a noticeable increase in mental clarity and focus. "

A Taylor April 2011

" I have been using the device for several weeks and definitely feel calmer, plus I am sleeping so well! I have been using it for 20 mins at setting 3 and am no longer getting headaches "

DM April 2011

" After three weeks use, I have slept well each night, still remain calmer with less anxiety, and that dreadful feeling when lying down in bed of becoming suddenly wide awake, seems to have been banished. I noticed on a review site of the Alpha Stim that someone had posted that they no longer lay awake with past thoughts running through their heads, of things they shouldn’t have done or wished they had done, and I have noticed this too. "

M Robson March 2011

" I have been using an Alpha-Stim® machine for several years and find it invaluable. I have always had difficulty in sleeping and now when I wake in the night I use the machine and instead of staying awake I relax and go back to sleep!. I also use the Alpha-Stim® if I know that I have become very stressed and it calms me down. I always take it with me when I stay away from home. "

A Haslam January 2011

" I just used the clips last night and T said he hadn't seen me that relaxed for a long time and I felt it! I went to bed and felt so relaxed which is a feeling that is pretty much alien to me - amazingly apart from waking at 6 for about 45 mins, I went back to sleep and slept for over 9 hours!!!' The ear clips seem to have such a calming effect I find it amazing "

MH from Essex May 2010.

" I am writing to you to say how pleased I am to have your Alpha Stim 100. It took about two and 1/2 weeks before it started to work but I am very happy to say that I have a great benefit from it and am no longer suffering from stress and insomnia. I also appreciated that whenever I had any questions I could reach you on the phone and your advice was so helpful. I would be happy to recommend it to anyone who has a stressful life "

Hideko Udagawa, Feb 2010


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Alpha-Stim® M

An all new device, uniting pain relief and the treatment of a variety of psychological conditions. With a new user-friendly design, the Alpha-Stim M is our most comprehensive device yet.

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£649.00 GBP

Alpha-Stim® AID

The new device which specifically targets the treatment of a range of psychological conditions, to provide maximum relief.

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£499.00 GBP