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Tiny Electric Device Saves Dr Chris Steele From His Agonising Back Pain

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 I had a painful knee after having completed the Isle of Wight Walk so I thought I would try the Alpha-Stim M for the pain. The treatment took me minutes and the pain completely disappeared, never to return! A by product of my knee treatment was a problem I was having with my thigh muscle (Rectus femoris) also disappeared. I have since been using it on my patients with excellent results.

The Alpha-Stim Aid is very calming for the mind and I find that using it every few days keeps my mind in a great place. "

Kim Aminu, August 2017


 I have been using the Alpha Stim M for over five months now and I have already noticed some improvement to my pain levels. With Linda Horncastle's support I have learnt how to tailor use of the device to treat my symptoms. In addition, by using the Alpha Stim with M function I can treat the specific point of pain in my body which has enabled me to gain some more control over my 'moving pain.'"

M C, July 2017


 I purchased my Alpha Stim in July ( I think) last year. I had been suffering from fibromyalgia for over ten years and had tried all sorts of therapies and remedies, but with little effect. On starting to use the Alpha Stim the effects were almost immediate. Before using it, I couldn't walk the short distance from home to Richmond, but would need to take the bus home. Within two weeks of use, I walked to Twickenham and back, it seemed almost like a miracle.

Perhaps the most powerful difference though was my sleep. Every morning I would wake-up feeling as though I had run a marathon, after starting to use the Alpha Stim, I woke feeling refreshed - such a difference! Using it has also reduced the aches and pains I constantly suffered. I am now retired and living in Winchester where I can enjoy walking around the countryside with an energy I had not had for years. For me, the Alpha Stim has been worth every penny and I would not want to be without it. "

Chris Scott, June 2017


 I have been searching for years for anything to help ease my pain from fibromyalgia. I have tried tens machines, supplements and medication. None of these worked combating all my symptoms from pain, anxiety and depression. After conducting my own research I purchased the alpha stim m and I can honestly say that this device should be used across the NHS as it has helped me tremendously. The sticky patchs and probes help ease the body pain and the ear clips with the anxiety and depression, a major benefit is the help the device has given me in obtaining a regular normal sleep pattern!! Thank you alpha stim please keep helping people carry on fighting. "

Anthony Small, June 2017


 I have had Alpha Stim M for almost 2 years now. It has really fulfilled my expectations and being so lightweight and portable, it's simply a great way to be prepared and to always have with you all the things you might need. The instructions are very clear and exhaustive so that you can start using the device immediately and no extensive training is necessary even for advanced cases. And there are several treatment approachesso one is never at loss how to approach this. What I liked most, though, is the easy and practical convenience of the automated programs. I have used the device successfully for pain, headaches, backache, insomnia, and wound healing. Don't know how I would have done without it! "

Ksenija Milic, June 2017


 I bought an Alpha-Stim M over a year ago for two purposes; pain relief from arthritis in my feet; and to help relieve insomnia. A year later I cannot claim either condition has disappeared entirely but both are MUCH better and I attribute this to the Alpha-Stim. My practice is a 20 minute daily session with the ear-clips followed by a five minute session on my feet. I can honestly say I would not now be without my Alpha-Stim. "

Barry Shevlin, June 2017


 I have been using the Alpha Stim for nearly 6 years now. I have used it virtually every morning and it has transformed my sleep patterns. It has also alleviated a lot of my night time pain and aching. There have been times when I have used the Alpha Stim patches for back pain, especially sacroiliac joint pain. The Alpha Stim dulled the pain so that I could get to sleep on those occasions. I had a lot of help and support at the beginning with using my Alpha Stim which I was grateful for. If I go more than 2 days without using the machine I notice the difference. I like the way the clip treatment sends me off into a doze from which I awake quite refreshed. I would never want to be without my Alpha Stim so it travels everywhere with me. It has been by far the best thing I have used for my Fibromyalgia. "

Shirley Fuller, June 2017


I have Fibromyalgia and I have been using the Alpha-Stim M for cranial therapy everyday for the past 2 years. I can honestly say it is a life changer, it improves my mood and sleep and therefore helps with the fatigue and pain. I still get the odd mild flair up if I have over done things but my recovery is much quicker and I have not had a major flair up since I have been using it. I take it everywhere with me.


Caroline Brooks, June 2017


 purchased for my wife for both chronic pain management and help with stress and anxiety following a prolonged period of ill health. The machine has been successful in helping to reduce the levels of pain and improving demeanour. It also has helped with relaxation and the ability to sleep better. I would recommend the use of Alpha Stim M, experience life again. "

C Jones, June 2017


  My son bought my Alpha Stim about 4 yrs ago, I find this machine magical as it has helped me mentally and physically. I keep topping up every week or so! I've told my GP about it and he said he would give it some thought. I found helpful for fibromyalgia, it's not a cure but eases so much pain."

N Whittle, June 2017


  Brilliant product that has helped control my pain levels as well as improve my mood and sleep patterns. Don't think I could be without this little thing now! "

Caroline Davies, June 2017


 I have been using my alpha stim for over 2 years and still find it invaluable. I bought it because I had low mood, which lifted almost immediately. It has also helped with much more. My sleep is better and after having an operation on my knee, the alpha stim helped with pain relief and I think healing."

Jacqueline Quinn, June 2017


 My Alpha Stim has been absolutely wonderful for managing the OA pain I get in my hands; but also short term pain like a broken bone in my foot, or a shoulder injury."

J Tucker, June 2017


 As someone who has a few health conditions, l tend to try a variety of products in an attempt to somehow improve my quality of life, and get an element of myself and my life back. The Alpha-Stim was something l heard about and researched. Having made my decision to go ahead and buy it, l have not looked back. I feel it has eased my chronic pain and neuropathy which has been amazing having suffered for so long. It too has aided my anxiety and depression, and as a result has improved my energy levels slightly therefore aiding my chronic fatigue and sleeplessness. All round, l.find it being of benefit to me and would recommend it to those who feel they would like to break out of the vicious cycle they find themselves in."

F Shukru, June 2017


 I suffer from Beh├žets Disease, a chronic, multisystemic autoimmune disease, and Fibromyalgia. I use the Micro-Stim for pain relief, anxiety, insomnia and depression. It has made an enormous difference to my life. I no longer suffer as acutely as I did and am able to function each day to a reasonable level. My sleep has improved, as has my anxiety and depression. It provides a feeling of relaxation that is hard to come by. My condition is extremely unpredictable and my pain levels can vary from one day to the next. The Alpha-Stim allows me to target specific areas and gives relief where painkillers do not. "

Katie McLaughlin, June 2017


 I have been using it as a treatment for chronic migraine for several years now, in sessions of minimum three weeks at a time. I always found it very effective. Certainly more effective than any pharmacological treatment. "

K Pytasz, June 2017


 Tried it on recommendation for migraine management If wasn't great for use for the migraines but was a very long shot given the nature of my migraines but it always works to relax me and sleep better. Would definitely recommend for helping to relax the body. "

Susan Beddall, June 2017


 I was very pleased to receive the new Alpha Stim quickly and so beautifully packed and presented. I have used the older machine for over 5 years and have found it very helpful with pain relief and I hope that the new model will prove to be even better. "

Christine Wiltshire, November 2015

 i use i have had the alpha stim m for 4 months now and use the earflaps every morning to help with anxiety. I find this really helps keep me calm. i have as been using the sticky pads for back pain and have found this very helpful too. i would highly recommend this model and the team who helped take me through how to use it and how best to use it for my individual needs.

Felicity, September 2015


We use the Alpha Stim unit for a range of soft tissue, bone and nerve injuries and have had good success. It is a safe, efficient and clinically effective tool that we now use on a regular basis "

Everton FC, October 2015


 My finger has more or less retained the benefits of having used the device on an almost daily basis for a few weeks, but I am sure that it is capable of further improvement; the joint is still slightly swollen and with a degree of residual stiffness and pain, though much less than previously. Having Osteoarthritis in my hands and recurrent trigger fingers has been very troublesome for some time. The reduced pain and increased mobility I now enjoy make a huge difference to me and I am extremely grateful to you. "

Lesley, September 2014

" I have been using the Alpha Stim M now for the last two years to treat pain and anxiety associated with my multiple sclerosis. I feel that I have so far benefited from using a lower setting to help deal with anxiety and depression and use the Alpha Stim in conjunction with other lifestyle, diet and alternative therapies in order to help manage my illness and continue to fulfil my roles and responsibilities. I use the alpha stim daily and know there is more scope to increase the settings and type of pain relief attachments as time and my condition moves on ; hence I believe it is a good long term investment and I will continue to use it as my condition progresses. The staff have been very helpful in assisting with any queries and offering advice and all in all I feel as though I have made a good investment. "

L.Adawy, November 2013

" First time in 10 years that I have been free from pain. I have 2 prolapsed discs and have been suffering from excruciating sciatica for years - some of the time I could 'live with the pain' but I have had long periods when the pain was so intense that I could do nothing other than dose up on strong medication and do nothing else. I couldn't drive my car, go to work, sit up, walk - well the list goes on. Earlier this year I had severe sciatica coupled with muscle spasms that lasted for hours, the pain was so bad that on one occasion I passed out. I knew I had to do something, especially as I do not like the idea of surgery, so I thought I would try an acupuncturist rather than going back to an osteopath - am I glad that I did, It was Annya Stoddart who first used the Alpha-Stim on me to help reduce the pain and when I was going through sleepless nights due to muscle spasms she lent me an Alpha-Stim - which, much to my amazement and skepticism, worked so very well and 1 week later mine arrived. I know my discs are no better and my left foot is still partially numb but as I say for the first time in 10 years I am free from pain and I can live my life again and do all the things that I have been unable to do for years - even the garden is being de-weeded!!! I recommend Alpha-Stim to everyone that I meet who is suffering from back pain. I really don't know how it works but am I truly thankful that it does and that you can pay via installments. "

A.botting, October 2013

"I have spent the last 4 years suffering with Cervical Spondylosis with Myelopathy. My spinal cord and both nerve root exits were badly compressed so it affected every nerve and muscle in my body. I have had 2 operations to try and take the pressure of my spinal cord but I was left with bad nerve damage. I have been on very high pain medication and it has helped me to cope with the pain as best I could. I belong to a pain support group that were offerered a trial of the Alpha-Stim in Feb this year. I signed up to it as I am more than happy to try anything that could help with the pain. I struggle with walking because of the pain and my hands are in constent pain and sometimes my fingers become to stiff to move. As soon as I started to use the Alpha-Stim M I could feel the benefit of it and by the end of the second week of using it my pain levels were going down. During the following 2 weeks I started to reduce my pain medication and my pain levels were still going down. It was bad enough that I had to give up work but the pain in my hands had also stopped me cooking and that is something I have always loved doing. By the 3rd week of the trial I was back in the kitchen and cooking meals without the pain I would have suffered before so my wife is happy too. By the end of the trial my pain levels had been halved and I had cut my pain medication by a quarter. The people at Microcurrent were very helpful with questions and nothing seemed to be any trouble to them. At the end of the trial I had no hesitation about buying the Alpha-Stim M and I highly recommend this device to anyone with severe pain issues as the Alpha-Stim M does what it says on the tin. So thank you to all at the Microcurrent Site."

Tony, April 2013

"Like most people in retirement I started getting aches and pains which I had not experienced before, for example, getting up out of a chair, walking very far, and getting out of bed. I was diagnosed as having arthritis in my hips and knees .I purchased a micro-current machine and almost immediately felt the easing of my affected joints. I continue to use the machine and am gradually coming to grips with my ailments. "

B Moss, Feb 2013

"I had been taking strong pain medication daily for the past seven years, after suffering for many years with painful joints, my knees, back, shoulders and neck pain, when I developed ulcers in my stomach, due to the medications, as a result of this I can no longer take anything stronger than paracetamol. The pain I had to live with was unbearable, I started to look into alternatives, and came across Alpha-Stim I decided I had nothing to lose, and ordered one of the Alpha-Stim M machines . I am happy to say it has given me so much relief from my pains, I can now walk up and down stairs, bend down, get up out of the chair, everything I have struggled with over the years. "

L Cullen, Feb 2013

"I am using the machine to reduce the pain in my lower back which is caused by age related osteoporosis in conjunction with the general wear on my disks at the bottom of my spine ( L5 region) due to many years of computer use. I felt a significant improvement in my back pain during the first session when using the probes as instructed in your literature and I have used the device either every day or every other day ever since purchase and the pain has remained at a very low level most of the time. I have used the earclips also, and again I felt the benefits in the areas for which the device is designed. I use it daily and find that it is convenient although the duracell batteries do not seem to last very long. I initially tried to use the probes in an effort to reduce tinnitus and TRIED to follow your technical guide. I found that there seems to be an ambiguity in that probe positions are shown on the ear lobe but the instructions say put the probes "an inch or so from the ear" Regarding the website, I noticed that at one point the current being passed through the body was said to be 500 amps (I cannot find the reference now ) . as a retired electrical engineer I am aware that you mean 500 microamps !!! The unit is rather expensive and I had some misgivings before buying about the fact that under the rent to buy scheme I would not be able to be certain that it worked before I bought it. Anyway I took a chance and I am glad that I did so. "

E Barker, Feb 2013

" I had my first experience of the AlphaStim today and was pleasantly surprised to get benefit from it almost immediately. Knee pain that had recently been worse at any other point in the last year was substantially relieved and aching in my back and leg reduced too. I’m looking forward to my next appointment to hopefully build on today’s positive result. "

F Bowe, 04/08/11

" Prior to having acupuncture and Alpha-Stim® treatment I was not only in a great deal of physical pain, but also felt extremely stressed and exhausted. The pressures of modern day living and parenting were affecting my sleep, appetite and ability to function. I have received two Alpha-Stim® treatments coupled with acupuncture; the benefits thus far have been immeasurable. Initially; after the treatment has finished I leave feeling relaxed and centered. The mental exhaustion which is usually prevalent has been replaced by a sensation of wellbeing and positivity. I feel rejuvenated and free of physical pain; no longer daunted by the prospect of facing the week ahead, but ready to actively participate in it. "

K Warren, 02/11/11

" I have been suffering with acute knee pain and having tried all normal avenues i.e painkillers etc. but to no avail. I was recommended by my nutritionist to try acupuncture and Alpha-Stim® treatment. I have to admit I was sceptical at first but having had the treatment I was amazed at how quick the pain subsided and during the following week had eased considerably. I am now continuing the treatment and hope to ease the pain further. I can thoroughly recommend treatment. "

N Maunder, Nov 2011

" After reading a bit about the results people have been getting in the US I decided to give it a go. The results were Amazing. I slept better than I had done in years and the general feeling of calm and wellbeing for the following week was startling. All this from a treatment that involved me effectively going to sleep for an hour. I have now recommended this treatment to all of my friends and family!" "

R Nesbitt, Nov 2011

" The treatment known as Alpha-Stim® was performed quickly, easily and with no fuss. My pain level dropped through the floor after just a few minutes. The pain had gone from being at a '7' to a '1' in no time at all. A mental inventory found I was now pain free for the first time in nearly four years. " "

R Wright, November 2011

"As a patient who normally has difficulty responding to treatment, taking many consultations to progress on alienating symptoms, I have been pleased to find the Alpha-Stim treatment very effective in my first session. While conventional medicine practices generally inform me that they can find no physical reason for pain or symptoms (in this case nerve/toothache), this treatment focused on sending messages to the nerve system and brain in order to change the symptoms of pain that I was experiencing. I was very satisfied with the results after only one session "

L Burn, Nov 2011

" I just wanted to thank you for introducing me to the Alpha Stim 100. I really can't believe that it's effects were so rapid. One comes to expect cycles of depression with FMS however because I used the machine whilst on the downward spiral the effects were very noticeable. I felt much better within 2 days and by the end of the week I was as bright as a button. My back had been playing up quite a lot too, so I used the probes and it eased quite a lot. After a few days of treatment the pain was completely gone and this after months of suffering practically non stop! I left off the treatment and a couple of weeks later my back started to ache again, so out came the alpha stim. One treatment got rid of the pain but this time I kept using the machine for a while. I didn't think there'd ever be anything that would bring this sort of relief and I'm so grateful, so thanks again. "

Patricia Phillipps March 2011

" With continuing daily use I hope to carry on improving and help my symptoms with Alpha-Stim®. I'm already needing less analgesia. S Kelly February 2011 I am indeed delighted to take this opportunity to endorse Alpha-Stim 100 as a most worthwhile purchase. The fact is that after a serious accident 1 7 years ago I have lived with chronic back pain and leg pain which has been relived only to a limited degree by strong prescription analgesia. I have also used a TENS device with limited success. Last August I purchased an Alpha-Stim 100 and the pain relief I have experienced is dramatic and long lasting. It has enabled me to regularly reduce analgesia. I would commend this machine to anyone in chronic pain. "

Rev Marsburg February 2011

" I can't be without it! I missed about 3 evenings using it because of dinner invitations etc and I really paid for it. It took me about three consecutive evenings to get back to where I had been with it. It's an absolutely amazing machine "

Karen Willis July 2010


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Alpha-Stim® M

An all new device, uniting pain relief and the treatment of a variety of psychological conditions. With a new user-friendly design, the Alpha-Stim M is our most comprehensive device yet.

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Alpha-Stim® AID

The new device which specifically targets the treatment of a range of psychological conditions, to provide maximum relief.

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