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Linda Horncastle HCPC registered Occupational Therapist and Member of the Medical Advisory Board for FMA UK

Linda HorncastleLinda is a HCPC registered Occupational Therapist who set up the MicrOTherapy clinic in February 2010 specialising in treating people with the Alpha-Stim®. She also offers Occupational Therapy where the goal is to help clients have independent, productive and satisfying lives. Chronic pain and fatigue is very complex, Linda can help you understand why the body reacts as it does and can teach you how the Alpha-Stim device helps to reduce these symptoms. She founded and has helped to run the Chiltern Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Group since 2001.

Thanks to the Alpha-Stim she has been able to return to work as an Occupational Therapist. Some of her experience has come from personal use of the Alpha-Stim (starting in 2009), she learnt how to treat pain all over the body with the probes and AS-trodes and how the use of the ear-clips has restored her energy, stopped her panic attacks and 'brain-fog'. She has extensively studied the Alpha-Stim® and benefited from expert lectures on the Alpha-Stim®.

She is helping to train more Alpha-Stim® practitioners and has studied Myofascial trigger points and Central Sensitisation so that she can get better results. In her clinic she specialises in treating Fibromyalgia, ME and Chronic Fatigue and has had great success treating other painful conditions such as: Arthritis, Back pain, Trigeminal neuralgia and other jaw pain, Sinusitis, Headaches and Dystonia. She has also helped many people use the Alpha-Stim® to get relief from anxiety, insomnia and depression.

To see the Daily Mail article featuring Linda please click here

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