Manage Your Pain Drug Free

Painmaster for Women uses the same Micro Current Therapy (MCT) technology as regular Painmaster and can be used just like regular Painmaster for musculoskeletal, joint and nerve pain conditions. 

So why is Painmaster for Women special?  

Painmaster for Women has been re-engineered for more discreet and feminine use with changes to patches, electrodes and battery indicator light (now light green).  Uses may include treatment of Period Pain and Pain caused by Endometriosis.

Tips For Use

  1. Commence use as soon as pain is felt.
  2. You may start application 24 hours in advance of pain.
  3. Keep on for as long as possible, up to 3 days continuously if required.
  4. Wear at night and during the day as needed.

Placement for Painmaster for Women for various pain locations and conditions