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Effective Microcurrent Therapy Patch

  • -Safe, Effective, Drug-Free Pain Relief.
    -Specifically recommended for back pain, muscular aches and pain, continuous and occasional pain.
    -Easy application, takes just a few seconds.
    -Painmaster conveniently goes everywhere you go, for day after day effective treatment.
    -Internal power supply allows up to 250 continuous hours of use without side effects.
  • Painmaster uses Microcurrent therapy to offer a drug-free, non-invasive method of controlling and treating pain. Unique and medically tested, Painmaster is a breakthrough in pan relief. Recommended specifically for back pain, muscular aches, pains and continuous or occasional pain. Using electronic patches warn under clothing, the Painmaster can provide pain relief to almost anybody.
The Painmaster MCT patch is a small, wearable, self-contained microcurrnt system (2 gel pads and a small battery unit). The Painmaster MCT patch was developed after an extensive four-year perios of research and development. Since then, Painmaster has advanced the perceived boundaries of Micro Current Therapy, generating a minature product with outstandingperformance and quality. The Painmaster MCT patches can help with: Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Lower and Upper back pain, Migraine headches, Runner's Knee, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Muscle spasm, Tendonitis, Acute pain from injury, sports injury, Bursitis, Swelling and Inflammation, Hip pain, Leg cramps and more...


1. What are the side effects of using Painmaster?
- There are no side effects to using the Painmaster. The only exception can be those who have hypersensitive skin or allergic reactions to adhesive bandages. When using Painmaster, if soreness or rashes occur, discontinue use of this product.
2. If I have a pacemaker, would I be able to use the patch?
- No, people who are currently using a pacemaker should not use the patch at any time.
3. When the Micro current is generated by the Painmaster MCT patch, will I feel the current?
- The micro current which is generated by the Painmaster is at a low level such that the currents cannot be felt. So no, you cannot feel the current.
4. Is there any possibility of using the patch with other Transdermal Delivery patches?
- People who are using other Transdermal Delivery patches should at first not use the patch until being consulted by their physician. Individuals should contact their physician if you are using other patches such as oestrogen patches.
5. What if I am pregnant, can I still use the patch?
- No, it is strongly advised that pregnant women should not use the patch.
6. Are children able to use Painmaster?
- It is strongly advised that children under the age of 12 should never use or play with the patch.
7. How do I know if Painmaster is working/emitting currents?
- There is a small red light attached to one of the patches. If the light is on then the patch is working correctly.
8. What type of battery does the Painmaster use?
- There is a power supply which is built-in to the device and is a part of the microchip. This is unable to be taken out or replaced and is inside the device in such a way that the battery is protected from water and other element damage.
9. Is Painmaster waterproof?
- Yes, The patches are waterproof. However, we strongly advise that the patches are removed when bathing, because this strongly reduces its life.
10. Am I able to wear it for more than 3-5 days?
- We advise that the unit should not be worn for more than 3-5 days to avoid irritation to the skin from the adhesive. The patch can be used up until the moment when irritation occurs, which would be the indicator to stop using it. When the small red light is not lit, then the patch is no longer effective. 
11. Can medication be used in conjunction with Painmaster?
- Yes. Other medication can be used to enhance the relief of pain in conjunction with the Painmaster.
12. Should the patches be places in the location of the pain?
- No. the patches should not be places on the area of pain. The patches should be placed so that they surround the area of pain. For example placing the patches side to side or up and down around the pain. 
13. How long will the battery last in the device?
- The battery in the Painmaster will last for approximately 250 hours. Other factors that determine the battery life includes the way the product is used by the individual and the conductivity of the skin.
14. What should be the temperature the MCT patch should be used and stored in?
- The patch should only be used between 10 and 45 degrees centigrade (50 to 113 Fahrenheit). Also the humidity range should be between 20% and 90%  
15. If the Painmaster does not affect me in any way, am I able to get my money back?
- while the Painmaster has been clinically proven to significantly reduce pain, a small minority may gain little relief form the product, meaning that we cannot guarantee it's efficacy. While we are able to offer support in such cases, we cannot offer refunds when the Painmaster is not as effective as hoped. 


The Painmaster MCT  patch can be applied for the following conditions:
Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Sciatica, Lower and upper back pain, Migraine headaches, Runners knee, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Arthritis, Muscle spasm, Tendonitis, Acute pain from injury, Sports injury, Bursitis, Swelling and inflammation, Hip pain, Leg cramps and more...


For knee or
shoulder pain...
Position patches on
either side of joint
For muscle strains...
Apply patches along
 length of the limb,
above and below
the affected area
For tennis elbow..
Position on front and back of arm,
just below the
Do not place

directly over bone
For painful tension in neck and shoulders...
Attach patches over 
the hard tender
spots on 
both sides
spänningssmärtor i nacke och skuldror


For neck & back
Position patches
to straddle
the spine or, for
one sided pain
above and below
the painful area
For lower backpain  or sciatica...
Position patches on
both sides of the
margins of the sacrum
(two visible dimples
as shown)
smärta i fotleden
For Ankle pain...
Position patches as shown in the image


For foot pain...
Position patches as shown in the picture

smärta i foten


What's Included?

- One set of PainMaster patches  
- One circuit (connecting cable with built-in battery for up to 250 hrs of use)
- User instructions

 Postage:  All orders will be dispatched by Royal Mail Second Class Delivery, which may take up to 5 working days.  A postage cost of £3.95 applies to all Painmaster orders in the UK.