The Alpha-Stim® M

Get quick, sustainable relief from acute, chronic, and post-traumatic pain, while also treating other conditions often associated with pain (such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia).

The Alpha-Stim M is now only available in the UK & Ireland to purchase online via our online exclusive retailer CurrentBody for £749 ex VAT, rental options also available. To purchase the Alpha-Stim M if you are a new customer based in the UK or Ireland, please click the CurrentBody logo below to be taken to this product on their website

What can it be used for?

The Alpha-Stim® M unites Microcurrent Electrical Therapy (MET) with Cranial Electrotherapy (CES) like never before. Microcurrent Electrical Therapy has been proven to treat acute, chronic and postoperative pain. This covers all sorts of conditions, including problems that are hard to treat with other methods.

Introduction Video — 30 seconds

Sustainable relief

Easy to use design

60-Day money back guarantee

How does the device work?

The device does this by transferring a tiny electric current to the body, which gives you long-lasting pain-relief. Unlike TENS machines, which uses a current far greater than that of the body, MET uses a much lower and safer current to provide sustained cumulative results.

By utilising CES in addition to MET, the device has the ability to treat a range of psychological conditions, like Stress, Anxiety and Insomnia. All this state of the art technology is housed within a modern, easy to use design making this our most comprehensive Alpha-Stim device ever created.